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November 2023 Tips - Special Handling

Police officers talking to man sitting on the ground beside a car

Law enforcement agencies across the country are seeking ways to increase the safety and efficacy of interactions between officers and individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. An estimated 7 to 10 percent of police-citizen interactions involve a citizen with a mental health disorder. Further, researchers estimate officers are 1.4 to 4.5 times more likely to use force during these interactions, increasing the risk of harm for both the officer and the individual in crisis.

Members of the media, researchers, and police practitioners have repeatedly stated that police interactions with people with mental illness are among the most dangerous calls for service to which officers must respond.

Special Handling

The Special Handling feature of the Person Management module allows agencies to record and track special instructions, warnings, and other mental/physical health-related labels associated with individuals. This pick list is populated with NCIC Caution/Medical Conditions and is fully editable to meet your agency's terminology.

The In-Synch RMS Special Handling tab of Person Management

Special Handling tags are part of the Person Management notification bar and will display when officers query the person record.

The Special Handling Notification bar in In-Synch RMS

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