Why is NIBRS Being Implemented?

The move to NIBRS is essential. NIBRS is more complete. One primary reason for implementation is that it collects more detailed information.

April 2020 Tips - Potential Exposure to Hazardous Materials or Harmful Conditions

It may be a few weeks before the April RMS tips would typically be distributed. However, one of our customers has asked that we share with everyone how their agency is currently recording potential exposure to hazardous materials or harmful conditions from within calls-for-service. This method allows the data to be recorded, quickly searched, and printed on the Call Summary Report. Additional Custom Field Picklist 1. On the Add/Edit Call window, select the "Additional Custom Fields" button from the Actions drop-down list. 2. Select "Exposure" from the "Add. Custom Field Type" drop-down list (A). In the "Value" field (B), enter the hazardous material or harmful condition. Examples include AI

March 2020 Tips - Managing the Address Officer Safety Picklist

The In-Synch RMS 4.8.2 build introduced the ability to link Officer Safety notifications to addresses. This picklist comes prepopulated with standard officer safety-related items. However, it can also be managed by your agency's administrators. Adding Items to the Address Officer Safety Picklist 1. Within the Address Management module, select the blue "Officer Safety" hyperlink on the Officer Safety tab. 2. Select the "Add" button to create a new entry. 3. Enter a unique ID (A), and a unique Description (B). 4. Select the "Save" button to record the change(s). Deleting Items from the Address Officer Safety Picklist 1. To delete an item from the Address Officer Safety picklist, highlight

Our Response to COVID-19

To our In-Synch RMS Community, As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to reshape our communities and our daily lives, the staff at In-Synch Systems has taken the advice of medical professionals to practice “social distancing.” While we may no longer physically be in our office, we find it essential to inform you that there will be no interruption in your support and service. Over the last five years, we have created a “work anywhere” environment, allowing our staff not only to be mobile but be prepared when unprecedented situations arise. We realize as first responders, you and your personnel are on the front lines and cannot socially distance or quarantine yourselves. If your agency experi

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