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In-Synch RMS includes applications for everyone in your department. Officers can use our Call Log and Case Builder applications to record calls-for-service and investigations. Supervisors can use our Admin Review application to approve or reject case reports and supplements. Detectives can use our Link Finder, Master Indexes, and Data-sharing applications to discover links between data, which can help solve crimes. Specialists can use our Alarm Billing, Fleet Management, or Evidence Management applications to complete their daily tasks. So, whether you are an officer, supervisor, property tech, investigator, clerk, or some other specialist, In-Synch RMS has an application for you.


Call Log -  Write and review basic reports about calls-for-service. Call Log integrates with many CAD systems for improved efficiency.

Case Builder - Create media-rich case files, including photos, multi-officer narratives, arrests, evidence, external files, and custom fields.

Daily Log -  Officers can record their daily activity information, including odometer readings, fuel stops, and other events throughout their shift.

Person Management -  Quickly lookup or enter person information, including notes, photos, physical descriptors, officer safety, known associates, aliases, etc.

Organization Management -  Quickly lookup or enter organization information, including notes, photos, officer safety, organizational contacts, affiliations, etc.

Address Management -  Quickly lookup or enter address information, including notes, photos, officer safety, etc.

Vehicle Management -  Quickly lookup or enter vehicle information, including notes photos, officer safety, insurance policies, owner or lessee information, etc.


Administrative Review - Manage the flow of cases in your agency by making sure they are submitted promptly. Supervisors can review and approve or reject an officer’s work, leave review notes and due-back dates, and create supplemental assignments. Personnel can create monthly UCR/NIBRS/CLERY reports.

Admin Reports - Generate statistical reports on calls, cases, arrests, citations, warrants, racial profiling, etc.

Personnel Management - Track training, equipment, notations, and other personnel information.

Security Management - Create user logins and security rights for the In-Synch RMS suite of applications.

Picklist Management -  Edit various pick lists throughout the In-Synch RMS software suite to match your agency’s terminology.

Intersection Management - Manage the intersections for your jurisdiction in calls-for-service, case reports, citations, etc. 

Zip Code Management -  Manage the Zip Codes associated with addresses and locations.

Detectives & InVESTIGATORS

Confidential Informants - Track sensitive informants by number, including involvement and payments.

Query - Create advanced ad-hoc queries to find information or data points within the In-Synch RMS database.

Link Finder -  In-Synch RMS provides an interactive visual querying tool, allowing users to find connections between items in their data.

Master Indexes -  Self-building master indexes display a complete history for address, organization, person, property, and vehicle items in the database.

Data-Sharing -  Share summary master index information on persons, organizations, locations, property, and vehicle items with other co-operating departments.

Master Phone Index -  Quickly find person and organization records by searching partial or complete phone numbers locally or through the data-sharing network.

Photo Management -  Create photo lineups, missing person, and wanted person posters. Print any system photos.


Court Papers - Record, track, and print document details and paper service history for civil and criminal documents such as subpoenas, writs, petitions, warrants, orders, or other custom paper types.

Property Room Management - Manage your property’s inventory and custody chain, including barcode support.

Fleet Management - Track details about your fleet, including maintenance schedules and quick statistics.

Criminal Citations – Record Criminal Citations, including arrest clearances, court resolutions, and payments

Traffic Citations - Record Traffic Citations, including payments and court resolutions. Interfaces with various E-Citation systems. 

Warnings - Record Traffic Warnings. Users can escalate aged warnings into citations. 

Parking Tickets - Record Parking Tickets with automated late fees. Users can escalate unpaid tickets into citations. 

Warrant & Registration Management - Enter or view a person’s warrants, drug, sex, arson offenses, parole, probation, and incarceration records, or carry concealed weapons permits.

Custody Management -  Track the details of temporary custody assignments, including short-term detainments and transports.

Pawn Shop – Record pawn transactions. Track hotlist items.

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