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..."The system is very user-friendly and a huge time-saver for our officers"...

..."If duplicate entries are mistakenly made, the merge function allows easy correction."...

..."The Soundex search function reduces erroneous data entries"...
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"In-Synch RMS was chosen for its unique technology platform and its ability to organize and analyze data in meaningful ways making it easy for police officers to enter data and make investigative connections to solve crime."

"In-Synch RMS boasts a full report writing suite allowing police reports and important court documents to be generated from data points entered into the system. On the administrative side it generates a variety of activity and intelligence reports for police executives."

"A unique attribute of In-Synch RMS is the technology platform which allows police officers in the field to continue working even without network connectivity.  Specifically, it allows officers the ability to research the database, input and save valuable police records information regardless of the environment."


"The integrated data-sharing capability of In-Synch RMS allows us to effectively share information with our neighboring agencies and expands our investigative capacities beyond our township borders.  Our department has been using In-Synch RMS for over a decade.  As we grow, the product and support services continue to meet our needs."


“We are very pleased with In-Synch RMS and the technical support that we receive. I recommend that any police agency seeking a new records management system consider it.”

"The support for RMS is second to none. With their remote access program, they can handle any issues within RMS that would arise.”

Why In-Synch RMS?

Our clients value the technology we provide as essential tools for law enforcement. Whether you are a state-wide, county-wide, or a one-person agency, In-Synch RMS’ synchronization architecture, investigative tools, data-sharing system, and customer service provide the foundation for a safer community. In-Synch Systems serves more than 250 public safety and private security agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

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