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March 2024 Tips - The In-Synch RMS Synchronizer

No power, no internet warnings

The world has never been more connected, but with this connectivity, losing power or the internet can leave you cut off from your RMS. The frequency of power outages has risen from 1.2 to 1.42 per customer per year as of 2023. With over a billion hours of power lost yearly, your agency will likely experience at least one significant outage in the next 12 months.

We all know the internet is just as volatile. From 2020 to 2022, there were 338 major internet outages worldwide. That statistic doesn't include minor outages, which may affect just a region or handful of users.

Rest assured, a lack of internet or power will never bring your RMS down! The In-Synch RMS Synchronization model, a beacon of reliability, is here to tackle these issues head-on. Your RMS system will remain accessible as long as you have a machine running (like a laptop, tablet, or PC) connected to a battery backup or external power source.

The In-Synch RMS Synchronization Model

distirbuted database diagram

The In-Synch RMS Synchronization model is not just reliable; it's innovative. Its decentralized plan ensures that each PC running the In-Synch software holds a copy of the database, enhancing fault tolerance, redundancy, and reliability. As long as the machine has power, it can access the RMS, ensuring uninterrupted service. This setup also prioritizes the security of your data, as each synchronization machine holds a copy, significantly reducing the risk of complete data loss in the event of a catastrophe.

Meet the Synchronizer

In-Synch RMS synchronizer Montior window

How can Officer "A" see what work Officer "B" has done if every machine has a database copy? That's where the In-Synch RMS Synchronizer comes in. This crucial component transmits the changes from the synchronization client machines to the central In-Synch RMS server database. End-users can search existing information and enter new data in a "disconnected" state. When a network connection is present, these updates populate the other computers in the agency. This efficient system empowers you to work during power outages or internet disruptions, ensuring seamless collaboration.

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