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June 2024 Tips - New Employees

Recruitment management Business concept

New Hires and In-Synch RMS

The one guarantee in the world is change. Things will always change, and that includes staffing for a police agency. A recent survey by the National Police Foundation showed that the average police department in the country has a turnover rate of 14%, with some departments having rates as high as 20%. As a result, an agency may need to add new users to the RMS system every so often.

Personnel Management

In the In-Synch RMS software, adding new users is a simple two-step process. It starts with a robust Personnel Management module designed to track employee, equipment, and training information.

In-Synch RMS Personnel Management Window

Security MAnagement

Once the new hire is added to the Personnel Module, the next crucial step is to create a login to the In-Synch RMS system. This is done through the Security Management module, a key component that allows agencies to set various access rights tailored to the new hire's role within the agency. This step is vital in ensuring the system's security.

In-Synch RMS Security Management window

For more information on the Security and Personnel Modules or other Modules in the In-Synch RMS software, please visit

Users can obtain Online Manual credentials by calling our help desk at 1-800-243-6540 Ext: 1.


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