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January 2021 Tips - Adding a Firearm to a Carry Concealed Weapons Registration

Adding a Specific Firearm to a Carry Concealed Weapons Registration

1. For states that require a CCW to be attached to a specific firearm, click the blue words “Serial #” on the CCW tab to start a property search.

2. Enter the firearm’s serial number (A), and then click the “search” button (B).

3. Once a firearm record has been searched or created, click the “Choose” button on the top of the Firearm Detail window.

4. The firearm details will display on the registration.

For more information on the Concealed Weapons Registration or other Modules in the In-Synch Systems Software, please visit

Your agency's logon credentials for the Online Manual site can be obtained by calling our help desk at 1-800-243-6540 Ext:1


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