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February 2021 Tips - Entering Special Handling Information

Entering Special Handling Information

In-Synch RMS allows Special Handling information to be associated with Person Records. The Special Handling alerts are visible from the Notification Bar at the bottom of the Person Management window.

1. With a record loaded in the Person Management module, select the Special Handling tab.

2. Select a Special Handling type from the drop-down list.

3. Save the changes by selecting the “Save” button at the top of the Person Management window.

Did You Know? You can enter more than one Special Handling type by repeating step 2 above. You don’t need to save after each Special Handling type if multiples are being added, but be sure to save after the last Special Handling type has been selected.

For more information on the Person Module or other Modules in the In-Synch Systems Software please visit:

Your agency's logon credentials for the Online Manual site can be obtained by calling our help desk at 1-800-243-6540 Ext:1



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