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July 2018 Tips - ConnectWise Control for Remote Support

ConnectWise Control for Remote Support

Throughout the 2018 calendar year, we will be transitioning to a new remote assistance suite called ConnectWise Control. This new software will provide our help desk technicians with additional tools and resources allowing us to better serve our customers.

A link for ConnectWise Control can be found under the "Training and Support" section of our In-SynchRMS website ( ).

Or by typing "" (*Note* - no hyphen "-") into your web browser.


Users can bookmark this website or even create a desktop shortcut to the "" page.

After calling the normal help desk number (1-800-243-6540 x 1), a technician will provide you with a code to join a remote session.

If prompted, select a "Save" location.

Follow the instructions on the web page for starting and launching the session.


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