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September 2015 Tips - Person Notes

Person Notes

In-Synch RMS has many fields for recording person information. However, sometimes a piece of information doesn’t fit into any of the standard data fields. Person Notes is a text field that can be used to share this information with other members of your department. The Notes field does not print on any Call or Case report, but can be included on the person's Master Name Index. Adding Notes to a Person With a record loaded in the Person Management window, select the "Notes" button.

The Notes window is broken into two sections: the top of the window will display any existing notes (A) and the bottom of the window is a text field for entering new notes (B).


The Notes window includes buttons for Copy/Paste (A) and Spellcheck (B).

Enter any additional notes into the "New Notes" section (A) and then select the "Save" button (B).

On the "Confirm" message box, select the "Yes" button.

The note will automatically move from the “New Notes” box to the “Existing Notes” box along with a date/time stamp and the name of the person who entered the note.

Editing Existing Notes Only RMS administrators have the ability to edit existing person notes. To edit an existing note, select the "Edit Existing Notes" button from the top of the Notes window.

The "Existing Notes" section will become active for modification. Make any edits to the existing notes (A) and then select the "Save" button (B).

Select the "Yes" button on the "Confirm" message box.

The changes, date/time stamp of the edit(s), and the name of the person who made the edit will be displayed in the "Existing Notes" section.


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