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May 2015 Tips - Officer Safety Information

Officer Safety Information

Officer safety information can be recorded against person records within In-Synch RMS. The Officer Safety tab is used to list any potentially dangerous traits (or information) associated with a person. Adding an Officer Safety Record From the Person Management module, select the “Officer Safety” tab.

Officer safety items are available from a drop down list. Select an item from the drop down list to add it to the person record.

Multiple Officer Safety types can be added to the person record.

Save the Officer Safety record(s), but selecting the “Save” button at the top of the Person Management window.

Once the records have been saved, an “Officer Safety” warning will be displayed in the “Notification Bar” at the bottom of the Person Management window.

Deleting an Officer Safety Record If an officer safety record needs to be removed, highlight the record in the grid (A) and then select the "Delete" button (B).

Select the "Yes" button on the "Confirm" message box.

Save the changes by selecting the "Save" button from the top of the Person Management window.

Editing the Officer Safety Drop Down List The Officer Safety drop down list can be customized to reflect terminology used by your agency. A user must be part of the "Administrators" security group to make changes to drop down lists in In-Synch RMS. An administrative user can select the blue "Officer Safety" hyperlink to the left of the drop down list to launch the pick list editor.

Certain items in the pick list editor window may appear gray in color and are not editable. These items are locked because they are used to populate other forms in the RMS (such as the Pennsylvania Criminal Complaint).

To add a new Officer Safety picklist entry, select the "Add" button.

Enter the Officer Safety item in the "Search/Add: ID" textbox (A) and then select the "Save" button (B).

After saving and exiting the Officer Safety pick list window, the newly added item will be available in the drop down list for your agency.


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