November 2019 Tips - Setting Call Type Triggers

Setting Alarm, Citation, Ticket, and Warning Call Type Triggers Triggers can be added to individual call types, allowing users to create/link Alarm Events, Criminal Citations, Parking Tickets, Traffic Citations, and Warnings directly from a call-for-service. You must be a member of the Administrators security group to create/edit/delete call type triggers. In this example, a "Non-Traffic Citation" trigger is added to the call type of "Drug Law Violation." 1. To add call type triggers, select the blue hyperlink for "Call Type" (A) within the Add/Edit Call window. 2. Highlight the call type from the list and select the corresponding drop-down menu under the "Triggers" column. 3. Activate the

Stop the Frustration with Your Records Management Software

Records management is necessary for the law enforcement industry. Sometimes choosing a records management software can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re considering making a switch to a new vendor. At In-Synch Systems we deliver data-driven solutions, supporting law enforcement agencies to more effectively solve crimes. We excel in four key areas: data that’s always available, investigative tools, integrated data sharing, and customer service. Data That’s Always Available We realized early on that the synchronization architecture of the In-Synch RMS software had to be fully functional, with or without a network or internet connection. The In-Synch RMS enables you to access your records

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