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November 2019 Tips - Setting Call Type Triggers

Setting Alarm, Citation, Ticket, and Warning Call Type Triggers

Triggers can be added to individual call types, allowing users to create/link Alarm Events, Criminal Citations, Parking Tickets, Traffic Citations, and Warnings directly from a call-for-service. You must be a member of the Administrators security group to create/edit/delete call type triggers.

In this example, a "Non-Traffic Citation" trigger is added to the call type of "Drug Law Violation."

1. To add call type triggers, select the blue hyperlink for "Call Type" (A) within the Add/Edit Call window.

2. Highlight the call type from the list and select the corresponding drop-down menu under the "Triggers" column.

3. Activate the trigger(s) by selecting the corresponding checkbox(es) (A). When finished, select the "Exit" button (B).

4. Activated triggers will display beside the call type. Select the "Yes" button to save the changes on the confirmation window.

5. To utilize this call type trigger, create a new call-for-service, and select the call type of "Drug Law Violation."

6. Enter the call details (A) and then select the "Save" button (B).

7. Select the "Exit" button to close the Add/Edit Call window.

8. With the call highlighted in the Call Log grid (A), select "Criminal Citation" from the "Actions" drop-down list (B).

Tips: In this example, only one Call Type Trigger (Criminal Citation), was activated. If multiple triggers were activated, the corresponding options would be available from the "Actions" drop-down list or toolbar buttons.

9. The Add/Edit Non-Traffic Citations window will open. The Non-Traffic Citation is automatically linked to the call-for-service (A). Additional fields such as Date/Times (B), Defendant (C ), and Address/Location information (D) will also pre-populate on the form.

Did You Know? If there is more than one contact entered into the call, you can select the appropriate contact from the "Defendant" and "Victim" drop-down lists on the Add/Edit Non-Traffic Citations window.

For detailed information regarding the creation of a Non-Traffic Citation, please refer to the Criminal Citation chapter of our online Training Manual. You can contact In-Synch Support for your Training Manual Credentials at 1-800-243-6540 Ext: 1.


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