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October 2020 Tips - Deleting Property Photos

Deleting Property Photos

1. Occasionally, photos may get added to the wrong property item, or a user may need to remove a photo. To delete a property photo, highlight the property item in the grid (A) and then select the “Delete” option found under the photo drop-down list (B).

2. On the Confirmation window, the user will have the following choices:

  • Yes – Removes the property photo from the Call (or Case) and all other instances in the RMS.

  • No – Removes the property photo from the Call (or Case). However, the image is still attached to the property item and visible in other RMS areas, such as the Master Property Index and the Property Management module.

  • Cancel – Cancels the deletion of the photo.

In this example, we want to remove the photo altogether, so the “Yes” button is selected.

3. The selected photo will be removed from the Photos grid.

For more information on Property Photos or other Modules in the In-Synch Systems Software, please visit

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