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November 2020 Tips - Case Visibility

Case Visibility

Case Visibility is a way to restrict who has access to case information. The Case Visibility drop-down list is security-controlled and available to members of the “Administrators” group by default. Additional users can be granted access by using the “VIEWCONFIDENTIALCASES” right in Security Management. This restriction of case information pertains to internal visibility and visibility through data-sharing (for outside agencies.) There are three (3) default visibility groups: All, All Confidential, and Private.

Setting Case Visibility

1. From the main Case Builder window, select the desired visibility from the drop-down list.

2. Select the “Save” button to set the new visibility for the case.

To learn more about Case Visibility options, including custom groups, check out the full chapter in our online manual. Questions? Or need help with your agency's credentials? Reach out to the In-Synch Systems help desk at 1-800-243-6540 ext 1.


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