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May 2020 Tips - Viewing the Address History

1. After an address has been searched and chosen, the previous contact can be viewed through the Master Address Index. Click the "Master Address Index (MAI)" button to view the address history.

Did You Know?

The Master Address Index is self-building. The more an address is used, the more information will be attached to its Master Index. Persons, calls, cases, etc. will show as tabs containing the related information.

2. Individual tabs are available for each "type of contact" related to an address (A). For example, calls, cases, citations, people, notes, etc. will have separate tabs for each type of information. Tabs are only present when related information is available. Also, there are "include" checkboxes (B) that allow you to choose which data displays on the printed Master Address Index report.

3. The MAI has three buttons at the top of the window; "Print Preview" (A), "Print" (B), and "Exit" (C). Previewing or printing, the MAI places an address' complete history into one document. To return to the Address Management window, click on the "Exit" button (C) at the top of the MAI Report Configuration window.

More information on all of our Master Indexes can be found in our Online Manual under the Master Indexes section


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