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March 2021 Tips - Setting a Court Resolution

Setting a Court Resolution

The court resolution window allows users to record preliminary hearings, court appearances, court resolutions, parole, probation, and incarceration records for "Accused" contacts. Each contact can have information entered against individual violations or all listed crimes.

1. With Case Builder open, select the "Court Disposition" button on the toolbar.

2. Highlight an "Accused" contact from the list (A), and then select an individual offense or the "All Crimes" option (B). By default, the "All Crimes" option is automatically selected.

3. Users can enter a Preliminary Hearing Date (A) and Preliminary Hearing Notes (B) for the "Accused" contact and selected crime(s).

4. Parole/Probation/Incarceration information can be viewed or entered by selecting the corresponding blue hyperlinks.

5. Users can also enter a Court Appearance Date (A), Court Appearance Notes (B), and select a Resolution (C) from the drop-down list.

For more information on the Case Builder or other Modules in the In-Synch Systems Software, please visit

Users can obtain their agency's Online Manual login credentials by calling our help desk at 1-800-243-6540 Ext:1



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