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October 2018 Tips - Linking Citations to Calls/Cases

Linking Citations to Calls/Cases

Both Traffic and Non-Traffic Citations can be linked to calls or cases. This linkage can be an important step for state reporting purposes or just a way to group all information related to an incident. This month's tip will cover the steps needed to link an existing citation to a call or case. Note: Citations can also be created directly from a call or case.

1. To link a citation to a call or case, open the citation details window.

2. Select the "Make Case" hyperlink.

3. There are three choices from the “Create Case or Assign” window:

  • Create new Case from this Citation (A) - This option allows the user to create a new case directly from the citation. Note: This option requires the agency to be using the "Manual Numbering" format.

  • Assign this Citation to an existing Case (B) - This option allows the user to link the citation to an existing investigative case.

  • Assign this Citation to an existing Call (C) - This option allows the user to link the citation to an existing call-for-service.

4. By default, calls and "open" cases for the last 30 days will be displayed in the corresponding drop down lists.


Any case that hasn't made it to the "Final Review", "Completed", and/or "Archive" life cycle status in the Admin Review module is considered an "open" case. If the case already resides in one of the mention locations, it must be assigned back to an active status to be available from the Case Number drop down list.

5. If the call or case is older than 30 days, the "Load All" button can be used to load all call or case numbers. Note: Depending on the agency's size and workload, the "Load All" button could take significant time to return all of the results.

6. Once a call or case number has been located from the drop down list, select the corresponding "Assign" button to link the citation.

7. The call or case number will be displayed on the citation details window as well as the citation search results grid.


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