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May 2018 Tips - Adding a New Call Type

Adding a New Call Type

In-Synch RMS comes pre-loaded with a list of common call types. However, agencies have to ability to customize this list at any time. Adding a new call type is a function reserved for members of the "Administrators" security group. The steps below detail how a new call type can be added to the RMS.

1. Select the "Call" module from the main RMS toolbar.

2. From the Call Log grid, select the "Add" button to start a new call-for-service.

3. Select the blue hyperlink for "Call Type".

4. From the Call Type Management window, select the "Add" button.

5. In the Call Type field, enter the new call type text (A) and then select the "Choose" button (B).


Follow steps 4-5 to add any additional call types.

6. The newly entered call type will be available in the Call Type Management grid.

7. Once all call types have been added, select the "Exit" button to close the Call Type Management window.

8. Any newly created call type(s) will be available from the "Call Type" drop-down list.

Did You Know?

  • If you wish to use the call type immediately, select the call type from the drop-down list, enter the remaining call details, and then save the call.

  • If you wish to use the call type at a later time, select the "Exit" button on the Call Details window and then select the "No" button on the Confirmation window when it asks if you would like to save your changes.

  • The new call type(s) only have to be entered on one machine and will synchronize to the other machines in your agency.


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