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October 2017 Tips - Socket Server Error

Socket Server Error

The Borland Socket Server is an application used by In-Synch RMS to connect the graphical user interface to the local database back end. This application runs silently in the background and can be found in the system tray. This application launches automatically at computer startup.

Occasionally, users may experience the following Socket Server error when trying to launch the RMS software: "Windows socket error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (10061), on API 'connect'". This error means that the Socket Server application isn't currently running. There are several ways to resolve this issue.

Option 1 - Manually Start the Socket Server. For Windows 7 and 8/8.1 Operating systems follow steps A and B below. For the Windows 10 Operating system, please follow step C below.

A. Select Start (A), All Programs (B), and then the Startup Folder (C).

B. Double-click the In-Synch Socket Server shortcut (A).

C. You have two options to launch the Run Command from Windows 10:

Right-click the start Icon (A) or Type "Run" into the Search Bar (B)

1. If you choose the right-click option, you will need to select "Run" from the right-click options menu (A).

2. If you choose the to search option, you will need to select "Run" (A) from the list of search results.

3. Once you select Run, type the following command into the Run Box:

shell:common startup and then select OK.

4. Double-click the In-Synch Socket Server shortcut (A).

Tips: If the In-Synch Socket Server is already running and you to try to launch it again, you will receive the warning below:

If the In-Synch Socket Server wasn't running, it will launch silently into the system tray.

Option 2 (For all operating systems) - Browse to the In-Synch directory and manually start the application.

A. Open File Explorer, Choose This PC (A), and then double-click the Local Disk (usually the C: drive) (B).

B. Double-click the proper Program Files folder (A). For 32-bit machines, you will only see Program Files. For 64-bit machines, you will see Program Files and Program Files (x86). Choose Program Files (x86), if available.

C. Double-click the In-Synch folder (A).

D. Double-click the ScktSrvr.exe (A)

Option 3 (For all operating systems) - Shutting your computer down.

A. Save and close out of any open programs.

B. Go to the Power options on your computer and choose Shutdown (A).

C. Allow your machine to completely shut down.

D. Press the Power button on your Computer to turn it back on.

E. Allow the machine 2-3 minutes to load all background services prior to launching RMS.


It is important to allow your machine time to load all your background services prior to launching the In-Synch software suite. Windows 10 tends to load startup programs and services slower than previous versions of Windows Operating Systems.


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