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September 2017 Tips - Person Alias Searching

Person Alias Searching

As we all know, people often go by names that are not their legal name. People will give false names to police, to try to avoid past incidents being brought to light. Women often change their last names in the event they get married. These nicknames, name changes, or aliases can be stored and searched from within the RMS.

Entering Alias information
When you discover (or are informed of) a person's alias, look up their person record in Person Management, and follow these steps to record their alias:
1. Select the "Alias" tab from the Person Management window.
2. Select “AKA” from the Alias Type drop-down list (A), and then enter the person’s alias into the Alias field (B).


  • If a person has a 'full name' alias, enter the alias based on your agency's internal requirements. E.g. "Last Name, First Name Middle Name" or "First Name Middle Name Last Name", etc.

3. Once an Alias has been entered, select the "Add" button next to the Alias field to add the alias to the person.

4. Save the changes to the person record by clicking the "Save" button at the top of the Person Management window.

Searching by Alias

1. Enter the complete alias into the last name, first name, or a combination of both fields (A), and then select the "Search" button (B).

2. Any person matching the search criteria will be shown in the results grid.

3. Select the person from the results grid (A), and then click the "Choose" button (B) to view the person's information.

4. The selected person information is then displayed.


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