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June 2017 Tips - Master Phone

Master Phone

The Master Phone Index is a query tool used to search the database for person or organization records matching an entered phone number. By default, it is available to all users. Users can view the master indexes of matches and make connections between objects in the database.

Getting Started

1. Click on the “Master Phone" button from the main RMS toolbar to open the Master Phone Index

Searching a Phone Number

1. Enter the 10-digit phone number (A), and then click the “Search” button (B) or the "Search Data Sharing Network (C).


  • You can search all phone numbers by putting nothing into the box (A) or any number of characters after that. Please note the lower number of characters you use to search the greater the results will be.

2. Any results matching the entered phone number will display in the results grid if you choose 'Search" (B).

Viewing a Master Index

1. Highlight a record in the results grid (A), and then click the “Master Index” button (B) to view the known history of the item.

2. The item’s Master Index will build and display.

Exiting the Master Phone Index
1. To exit the Master Phone Index, close any open Master Name or Master Organization windows, and then click the “Exit” button on the Master Phone Index window.


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