March 2017 Tips - Adding an Area Code

Adding an Area Code


The RMS system comes pre-loaded with many U.S. Area Codes.  However, the government occasionally sees fit to add area codes to cover the growing population.  These are the steps you can take to add a missing area code to your RMS system.  The ability to add/edit this list is reserved for users with Administrative rights in the RMS.


Adding an Area Code


From the main RMS toolbar, select "Person Management" (A), or "Organization Management" (B).  This guide will use "Person Management", but the steps are the same for "Organization Management."


 Enter part of a person's name (A), and search for it in the RMS system (B).


 Select the person's name who you searched for (A), and choose it (B).


In the Phone section, toward the bottom of the Person Management Window, press the blue "Area" hyperlink (A).


In the Area Code Pick List window, press the green plus sign to add (A).


Enter the Area Code that you wish to add (A), and then save (B).  After saving, you can choose the newly created Area Code (C).



  • If the Area Code you attempt to add already exists, the system will give you an error stating you must enter a unique ID.


After choosing your new Area Code, the system takes you back to the Person Management window, ready for you to enter a phone number, with the new Area Code selected (A).




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