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February 2017 Tips - Person Affiliations

Person Affiliations

Affiliations are person to organization relationships. These person to organization relationships could be the person's employer, a club that the person is a member of, a gang that the person is related with, etc. These relationships become part of both the master name and the master organization indexes for the related entities. Viewing Affiliations With a record loaded in Person Management, select the "Affiliations" button.

The results grid (A) will display any existing affiliations. You can view additional information about an existing affiliation by highlighting a result in the grid and selecting the "details" button (B).

Adding a New Affiliation To add a new affiliation, select the "Add" button.

After searching for an existing record or creating a new organization record, select the "Choose" button on the Organization Management window.

Select the affiliation type from the pick list (A) and then select the "Choose" button (B)


  • Due to the various and potentially uncommon links between people and organizations, users can add additional affiliation types to the pick list without administrative privileges.

  • Adding a new affiliation pick list item can be accomplished by: Selecting the "Add" button, entering a new "ID", and then selecting the "Save" button.

Select the "Save" button from the Affiliations window to save the changes.

Affiliations on the Master Indexes Once an affiliation between a person and an organization has been made, an "Affiliations" tab will be visible on the Master Name Index.

Conversely, an "Associates" tab will be created on the Master Organization Index.


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