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January 2017 Tips - Adding a Vehicle Model

Adding a Vehicle Model

The vehicle "Model" pick list is found within the Vehicle Management module of In-Synch RMS. The ability to add/edit this list is reserved to personnel with Administrative rights in the RMS. Adding a Vehicle Model From the main In-Synch RMS toolbar, select "Vehicle Management".

From the Vehicle Management window, select the Vehicle Type (A), the Make (B), and then select the blue hyperlink for the word "Model" (C).

On the NCIC Datalist Management window, select the "Add" button.

Enter the new model name (A), select the "List Display" checkbox (B), and then select the "Save" button (C).

After exiting the NCIC Datalist Window, the newly entered model can be selected from the "Model" drop down list for the selected automobile Make.


  • Once this new pick list item synchronizes to the server, it will be available for all users in the agency.


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