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December 2016 Tips - Call Log Press Release

Call Log Press Release

In certain circumstances an agency may want to release a censored version of a call-for-service for media or public consumption. This functionality can be handled through the "Press Release" tab on the main Call Summary window. The press release will limit the information contained on the printed report. Adding a Press Release Narrative From the Call Summary window, select the "Press Release" tab.

Text can be entered directly into the press release field or a full text editor can be opened by selecting the blue link for "Press Release".


  • Text can be copied/pasted from other sources such as the call notes by using the Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v keyboard shortcuts.

  • There are time stamp and spell check options available from the main Call Summary window as well as from within the full text editor.

Once the press release narrative has been entered, select the "Save" button to save the changes.

Viewing the Press Release To preview/print the press release, highlight the call in the Call Log grid (A), and then select "Press Release" from the Reports drop down list (B).

The press release contains the basic call information (A), the dispatch location (B), and the press release narrative (C). Information pertaining to contacts/contact roles, vehicles, property, photos, call notes, etc. are not included in the printed press release.


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