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September 2016 Tips - Deleting a Case

How to Delete a Case

Occasionally an administrator or a supervisor may need to delete an entire case. Whether this case was created accidentally or needs to be deleted for other reasons, this functionality is handled through the Admin Review module of In-Synch RMS. Cases can only be deleted by personnel with access to Admin Review and also have the DELETE_CASE right from Security Management. Locating the Case The easiest way to located the case in Admin Review is by using the case number and the built-in "Find" functionality. From the Edit drop down list on the main Admin Review window, select "Find".

Tips: Additional methods of finding a case include searching by arrest number and/or sorting and filtering the column headers in each tab of Admin Review. Enter the complete case number in the "Case Number" field (A) and then select the "Find" button (B).

The case will be located and highlighted in the Admin Review grid.

Deleting the Case

With the case highlighted, select "Delete Case" from the Edit drop down list.

Select the "Yes" button on the confirmation window.

The case and all associated assignments will be removed from Admin Review and Case Builder.


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