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August 2016 Tips - Deleting an Assignment

How to Delete a Case Assignment

Occasionally an administrator or a supervisor may need to delete a case assignment. Whether this assignment was created accidentally or needs to be deleted for other reasons, this functionality is handled through the Admin Review module of In-Synch RMS. Case assignments can only be deleted by personnel with security access to Admin Review. Locating the Assignment More often than not, an assignment that needs to be deleted will be found in the "Pending" or "Submitted" tabs of Admin Review. The column header(s) can be used to sort/filter to find the specific officer's assignment.

Tips: If the assignment isn't easily located, refer to the July 2016 Tips on using the "List Case Status" functionality to find all assignments associated to a case. The "Delete Assignment" function is used to delete an individual assignment associated to a case with multiple assignments. If a case only has one assignment, the "Delete Case" function of Admin Review should be used. Once the assignment has been located, highlight the assignment (A) and then select the "Delete Assignment" button (B) from the Edit drop down list.

A warning window will open, asking you to confirm the deletion of the selected assignment. Select the "Yes" button to continue.

The assignment will be deleted and removed from Admin Review and the officer's Case Builder (if the assignment had not yet been submitted).


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