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June 2016 Tips - Open Case Assignments by Officer

Open Case Assignments by Officer

The open case assignments by officer query is useful for viewing the current number of active (or outstanding) case assignments for each officer in your agency. It can help to visualize the officers' workload as well as provide supervisors a way to make sure assignments are being submitted in a timely manner. Creating the Query From the Query module main window, select the "Add" button.

Highlight the "Assignment" criteria group (A) and then select the "OK" button (B).

From the Attribute drop down list select "Officer:.

To select a single officer, use the Officer Criteria drop down list.

To select multiple officers, use the multiple selection button to the left of the officer criteria drop down list. For this example, we will use the multiple section option.

On the Officer Selection window, select the officers to be included in the query (A) and then select the "OK" button (B).

All selected officers will become part of the query.

Tips: The "OR" button can be also be used to select more than one criteria per attribute. The multiple selection button is useful when there will be many selected criteria items. Once all of the officer criteria has been entered, select "Status" from the attribute drop down list.

From the Status criteria drop down list select "Assigned" (A) and then select the "OK" button (B).

Select the columns to display in the query results by using the arrow buttons (A) or drag and drop the columns from the "Available Columns" box (B) to the "Selected Columns" box (C).

Once all of the desired columns have been moved to the "Selected columns" list, select the "Search" button.

The result grid will display assignments matching the search criteria.

Tips: Results can be sorted and filtered to display a single officer or a group of officers. Results can also be exported from the grid.


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