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November 2015 Tips - Exporting Photos

Exporting Photos

The Photo Management module can be used to create Photo Lineups, Missing and Wanted person posters, and can be used to export photos stored within In-Synch RMS. Note: It is recommended that all original photos be stored as per agency standards. Once a photo has been imported into the RMS, it is compressed, resulting in a loss of resolution on export. The following example will show how to export a person photo. Options for exporting various other types can be found under the selection criteria search in Photo Management. Exporting a Person Photo Select the "Photo Search" button from the Photo Management window.

On the "Selection Criteria" window, choose the attribute of "Person".

Choose the "Select" button to launch the Person Management module.

Enter the search criteria in the Person Management window (A) and then select the "Search" button (B).

With the desired record loaded in the Person Management window, select the "Choose" button.

Select the "OK" button on the Selection Criteria window to start the photo search.

With the photo results returned, select the "Include" check box on the desired photo(s).

Select the "Save File" button from the Photo Management window.

On the "Save As" window, select a save location (A), enter a File name (B), and then select the "Save" button (C).

Tips: If multiple photos were selected, a separate "Save As" dialog will open for each photo.


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