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October 2015 Tips - Deactivating Personnel

Deactivating Personnel

Over time, it is inevitable that every agency will have changes to its staff. This month's tips will guide you through the proper steps to deactivate personnel records and login credentials, while keeping the personnel's work history intact. Deactivating a Personnel Record With the employee's personnel record loaded in the Personnel Management window, select the "Employee Data" tab.

Deselect the "Reporter" check box. This will remove the employee from the available drop down lists throughout the RMS.

Next, select the "Inactive" check box. This will mark the personnel record inactive in the RMS.

Save the changes, by selecting the "Save" button at the top of the Personnel Management window.

Disabling a RMS Login The second part of deactivating personnel is disabling the user's RMS login. From the Security Management module, highlight the employee's username in the list on the left (A) and then select the "Disabled" check box (B). This will deactivate the login and hide the username from the active list.

Tips: All previous work associated with the person will remain intact. It is recommended that any open/active cases be reassigned to a new reporting officer for continuation.


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