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Digital Asset Integration

Today’s law enforcement utilizes many tools to record and capture everything from evidence, to officer, and civilian activities. Video from body camera, in-car, surveillance, and security systems are captured and stored in various locations. With In-Synch RMS, digital assets can be easily linked to Call/Case/Person records.

This permits accessibility to linked video and audio files throughout our entire Records Management System (RMS) and is user-friendly for retrieval.

Our product allows quick and easy access to relevant reports, video, and audio files, as well as, attached documents. This all-inclusive functionality provides best-in-class case management for the officers and department. The entire Call/Case and all relevant attachments can be viewed in one location from within the RMS or placed in a ZIP file for distribution.

With greater demand for accountability, many law enforcement agencies are adopting video-centric policies. One of the most pressing resource decisions involves managing the video data and respond to requests from the public, prosecutors, etc., for that data.

We provide a streamlined tool and process to benefit in managing your entire records management needs, well beyond the written report.

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