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How does your RMS stack up?

The job of an RMS is to help you solve crimes! 

Answers aren't always simple.  How many homes have had both domestic violence and drug incidents?  How many thefts occur within a mile of schools during lunch and recess?  How does this compare with other time frames?  All of this can take analysts hours of laborious research.  When you choose the right RMS, it can only take minutes to get the answers you need.

Using the best investigative tools, you can literally watch the web spin-out with possible leads for your investigation.  Search a name – see addresses, known associates, and even calls for service.

RMS Survey Anchor


We’re looking for exciting stories on how your RMS helps to solve crimes.

(Ten respondents will be randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card.)

3. What are your favorite features of your RMS? (Check all that apply)

Thanks for your feedback! The survey results and gift card winners will be announced at the beginning of September.

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