Spotlight on Swatara Township

Swatara Township Police Department

The Swatara Township Police Department prides itself on the level of service it provides to the community and found that in many ways their existing RMS was failing to deliver.  In 2005, Swatara Township Police Department, spearheaded by the efforts of Chief Jason Umberger, began their search for a new RMS and chose In-Synch System’s Records Management System over competitors such as Visual Alert and Cody Systems.

The primary deciding factors in choosing In-Synch RMS was the high level of customer service; references that spoke highly of In-Synch Systems; system capabilities; and willingness to customize the system to the agencies’ needs.

With 43 officers serving 23,000 residents, Swatara Township Police Department knew that they needed a system that could function equally well in cruisers and in the office without server connectivity and chose a full deployment of In-Synch RMS.

Within the first two weeks of operation in late 2005, Swatara Township Police Department was able to solve crimes and make arrests by use of the intuitive research capabilities within In-Synch RMS.  


Chief Umberger said:


“We’ve only had In-Synch RMS a couple weeks, but we’re finding that it saves time and money while helping in our investigations.”

Over the years, Swatara Township police department has expanded their use of In-Synch RMS to satellite areas including residential and shopping districts.  Through custom reports, they routinely gather monthly crime and statistical breakdowns of incidents occurring in these specific geographic locations.  This automation of information has saved the agency countless man-hours and allows them to effortlessly provide statistics to their township council.

Swatara Township Police Department has been an integral part of consolidating the Dauphin County agencies on a singular records management system (In-Synch RMS) and has been the driving force behind the Dauphin County Data-Sharing Consortium.