Is In-Synch RMS the Right Fit for Your Agency?

Our clients recognize the In-Synch RMS as an essential tool for better policing.  We service state-wide, county-wide, and even one-person agencies. The In-Synch RMS includes a decentralized database architecture, investigative tools, data-sharing system, and top-notch customer service; providing you the foundation for a safer community.

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Customer Spotlight

Dauphin County, PA 

Between 2008 and 2011, the Dauphin County RMS Committee evaluated a number of RMS products and in 2012 chose In-Synch RMS to be the platform for countywide data-sharing and a common RMS system for all law enforcement agencies. The implementation...

In-Synch Systems Customers

In-Synch Systems serves more than 260 public safety and private security agencies throughout the United States and Canada.

Swatara Township
Police Department
USA Customer Map

The Swatara Township Police Department prides itself on the level of service it provides to the community and found that in many ways their existing RMS was failing to deliver.  In 2005, Swatara Township Police Department, spearheaded by the efforts of Chief Jason Umberger, began their search for a new RMS and chose In-Synch System’s Records Management System...

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"The system is very user friendly, and the built-in police complaint is a huge time saver for our Officers."

"The ability to interface the system with the County 911 CAD system allows the seamless attachment of not only the dispatch information but also the driver & vehicle information."

"The “soundex” search function eliminates the need to completely & correctly spell the name for which you are attempting to find information. It also reduces erroneous data entries. If duplicate entries are mistakenly made, the “MERGE” function allows easy correction."

"As a valued customer, we receive a monthly email and a quarterly newsletter, both of which contain valuable information on how to better utilize the capabilities of the system."

"Our department is very pleased with the In-Synch RMS and the technical support we receive. I recommend any police agency seeking a new records management system consider it."