Spotlight on West Virginia University

West Virginia University
Police Department

The West Virginia University Police Department, with 55 officers, is one of the largest and most professional police organizations in the State of West Virginia.  Amongst many other duties, the department provides for the safety and security for over 30,000 students at its main and branch campuses.  In 2008, Monongalia County received grant for In-Synch Systems products through the Office National Drug Control Policy - Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center.

After the In-Synch products were implemented and integrated with other county systems, Chief Bob Roberts provided feedback on how to improve In-Synch RMS for a large university environment.  Chief Roberts also helped the In-Synch staff improve NIBRS reporting for West Virginia.

Currently. West Virginia University uses In-Synch products for Dispatch, Records, Investigations, and NIBRS reporting.  The University also utilizes integrated, pubic facing crime mapping technology to keep students, the community, and media engaged and informed with timely reporting and statistics.

Chief Roberts said: 


“We have utilized the In-Synch RMS system for close to a decade and we have found their service and product to be outstanding. Our volume of data is probably one of their largest and the system continues to meet and exceed our demands.”