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Use of Force Submissions - Manually Entering a Zero Report

Law Enforcement agencies can accomplish submissions through various means, including electronic reporting systems, dedicated portals, or specified forms. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has an electronic repository for recording monthly UCR information and statistics, including SRS and NIBRS, Hate Crime, and Use of Force.

In this post, we'll cover the option for manually generating a Use of Force Zero Report.

*Note - We use the UCR Test Site in this example for illustrative purposes. The "live" UCR Site may have slight differences.

To access the Pennsylvania UCR Site, navigate to and log in using your Keystone credentials.

Pennsylvania UCR Login Page

Manually Creating a Use of Force Zero Report

Expand the "Data Center" heading from the left-hand menu, and select the "New Use Of Force" option.

Use of Force File Menu

On the Use Of Force page, select "New Use Of Force Zero Report."

New Use of Force Zero Report Button

Select the Agency, Zero Report Month, and Zero Report Year (A) from the Zero Report Criteria page. Once you enter the corresponding information, select the "Create Use Of Force Zero Report" button (B).

Use of Force Zero Report Criteria Fields

That's it. We've manually created a Use of Force Zero Report for the Pennsylvania repository. It's just that simple!

A Completed Use of Force Zero Report

Make sure to join us for our next post on "Manually Recording a Use of Force Incident," where we cover data entry, submission, and error reporting.


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