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October 2019 Tips - Customizing Warnings Flags in Person Management

Customizing Warning Flags in Person Management

In-Synch RMS allows administrators to customize the various warning flags that are part of Person Management. These flags give you a visual clue that there is data present in those topics of the Person record.

You can select: if the warning flag displays, a color for the flag, and whether the warning flag flashes.

1) With Person Management open, select the "Customize Warning Colors" option from the Help drop-down list.

2) Highlight a category (A), and then select (or remove the selection) from the "Show" checkbox (B). (By default, all categories are set to Show.)

3) With a category still highlighted, choose a color from the drop-down list (A), and then select whether it will flash by marking the checkbox (B).

4) After adjusting the categories to your preference(s), select the "Save" button.


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