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June 2019 Tips - Exhaustive Synchronization

Exhaustive Synchronization

For any client computer utilizing In-Synch RMS’ synchronization configuration, end users can manually recheck data records for synchronization. This is a useful tool if there have been recent date/time modifications to the client computer or the server, one or both machines have been powered down or offline for an extended period, or it appears that some records are not synchronizing when they should.

Scheduling an Exhaustive Synch

From the computer desktop, double-click the Synch Monitor icon in the system tray.

With the In-Synch RMS Database Synch Monitor open, select the 'Force Exhaustive Comparison' button.

The Enable Catch Up mode window will open. Select the length of time you wish to verify (A) and then select the “OK” button (B).

  • Yesterday – Compare records from the previous 24 hours

  • Last Week – Compare records from the previous 7 days

  • Last Month – Compare records from the previous 31 days

  • From a Specified Date – Compare records since the date selected

  • All Records – Compare all records (very slow)


  • Depending on your type of connectivity to the server and the volume of data your agency processes, it is often recommended that a hard-wired network connection be used to in conjunction with Catch-Up mode. Please discuss with the In-Synch Help Desk before scheduling a large record comparison.

After selecting a comparison time frame, an information box will open informing you that the Exhaustive Synch is scheduled. Select the "OK" button to proceed.

To start the Exhaustive Synch immediately, select the 'Update Now' button. Otherwise, the system will automatically launch the exhaustive comparison the next time it synchronizes.


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