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May 2019 Tips - In-Synch RMS Version 4.8.2

In-Synch RMS Version 4.8.2

Our latest software release, "In-Synch RMS Version 4.8.2" is now widely available. This version includes upgrades to functionality, feature requests, improved State and Federal crime reporting, as well as general bug fixes. View the full release notes here.

To verify that your agency is at the latest software build, check the version number found below the "In-Synch RMS" logo on the main login window.

If your agency hasn't received the 4.8.2 update yet, please contact the In-Synch help desk at 1-800-243-6540 ext. 1 for scheduling. Note: The last three digits of the version number may be different than in the photo. These digits indicate sub-versions that can vary between state-specific releases.


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