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In-Synch RMS Newsletter - Q3, 2016

LogiSYS becomes an In-Synch RMS partner and re-seller.

In-Synch Systems and LogiSYS are bringing together a partnership to provide seamless integration between their CAD and RMS products. This partnership will allow LogiSYS CAD incidents to transfer directly into the In-Synch RMS software, reducing the duplication of data entry.

LogiSYS is a leading provider of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for Public Safety Agencies. LogiSYS employs an open architecture approach that allows our customer the flexibility to address today’s ever changing interoperability needs. A personal approach to customer care and full ESRI integration sets LogiSYS apart from the competition.


E-Citation Interface with digiTICKET In-Synch Systems would like to introduce a new interface between Saltus Technology's digiTICKET eCitation software and In-Synch RMS. This interface will take citations entered into digiTICKET and populate the information directly into the Traffic Citation module of In-Synch RMS. The interface reduces the duplication of data entry for law enforcement personnel.

The digiTICKET eCitation solution is an innovative force multiplier for Public Safety – enabling officers to quickly create and submit tickets electronically. Time not spent on the roadside is reallocated to additional patrol time, increasing officer, violator and community safety. It replaces unreliable paper ticket books while eliminating illegible handwriting and error-prone data entry – easily transferring ticket data to Court and Records Management Systems.


TraCS E-Citation Interface

We continue to add more agencies to the list of TraCS and In-Synch RMS integrations. Our newest members include:

  • Cranberry Township, PA

  • Derry Township, PA

  • Susquehanna Township, PA

If your agency is interested in integrating TraCS with your In-Synch RMS, please contact our sales team at 1-800-243-6540 x 2 or email us at


In-Synch RMS integrates with CRIMEWATCH

CRIMEWATCH provides one solution for community engagement, data analytics, and crime mapping. In-Synch RMS is the first RMS vendor to integrate with CRIMEWATCH. In-Synch RMS provides arrestee, crime, and mapping data that helps to automate your agency's CRIMEWATCH website. To learn more about CRIMEWATCH please visit their website here. Already have CRIMEWATCH? If your agency is interested in the In-Synch RMS to CRIMEWATCH interface, please contact our sales department at 1-800-243-6540 x 2 or for more information.


CAD Interfaces We continue to add new CAD vendor integrations. Our latest interfaces include:

  • New World

  • LogiSYS

  • Zuercher

Does your agency or county use a CAD vendor not on the list? We also provide a standard format to enable all CAD vendors to interface with In-Synch RMS.


Other News

  • Our development team is currently working to finalize our 4.8.2 software release. The upgrade will include enhancements to Call Log, Case Builder, Link Finder, Property Management, and other requests.

  • We have updated our website to include all of our monthly tips, quarterly newsletters, and other various press releases. Members of your agency can subscribe to these electronic mailings directly from our website.​

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