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May 2016 Tips - Case Tags

Using Tags to Organize Cases

Agencies can use Case Tags as a way to help organize their incidents. These tags allow for both color-coding and textual labels. Case Tags are visible at the Case Builder and Admin Review levels. RMS administrators can create, edit, and delete custom tags that can be utilized by their agency's personnel. Creating the Case Tag List Administrators can create the tag list by highlighting any active case in Admin Review (A) and then selecting "Add Tag" from the right-click menu (B).

Once the "Edit Tag" window opens, any current tags will be available from the drop down list.

To add items to the drop down list, select the "Edit Tags" button in the upper left of the window.

Select the "Add" button (A), enter the tag's text (B), select a color for the tag (C), and then select the "Save" button (D).

Tips: For UCR reporting states, In-Synch RMS has a hierarchy of system colors that are used to label missing case data. The bottom of the "Manage Tags" window displays this list. It is best practice to choose case tag colors that differ from these system colors. Repeat steps A through D above to create any additional tags. Once finished, exit the "Manage Tags" window.

With items now populated in the drop down list, users can select a tag from the "Edit Tag" window.

Incidents labeled with a case tag will display in that color/text in Admin Review as well as Case Builder.

Editing Case Tags Over the life cycle of an incident, a case tag may need to be changed several times. To edit an existing case tag, highlight the required case (A), and then select "Edit Tag" from the right-click menu (B).

Select a new tag from the drop down list.

The new tag color/text will be associated to the case.

Tips: If your agency wishes to change the color/text associated with a particular existing tag, this can be accomplished through the "Manage Tags" window. Removing Case Tags The removal of case tags are handled at the case level. Open a case (via the Case Builder module or select "Case Builder" from the right-click menu in Admin Review). Right-click on the Case number (A) and then select the "Remove Tag" option (B).


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