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January 2016 Tips - Archiving Cases

Archiving Cases

Archiving is an important step in managing the life-cycle of case reports. The archival process helps limit the number of cases that have to load each time Admin Review is accessed. Archived cases can be searched through Admin Review (among other modules like Call Log) and returned to an active status at any time. Depending on the size of the agency and the case volume the agency encounters, users may need to increase or decrease the frequency with which they archive cases. It is recommended that agencies with large cases volumes, archive cases on at least a monthly basis. Archival generally takes place from the "Completed" tab in Admin Review. Users can archive a single case by highlighting the case in the Completed tab (A), and then selecting "Archive" from the Actions drop down list (B).

Mass archival can be achieved by holding down the "Ctrl" key and selecting the desired cases or selecting all of the cases in the Completed tab by using the Windows keyboard shortcut of "Ctrl + a". Once the cases have been highlighted, click "Archive" from the Actions drop down list.

Tips: For agencies not utilizing the different levels of approval in Admin Review, a preference is available to allow archival from the "Approved Cases", "Final Review", and/or the "Completed" tabs.



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