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In-Synch RMS Newsletter - Q2 2015

Pennsylvania TraCS E-Citation Interface

With the June 2nd release of the Vendor Export Documentation from TraCS, our development team is actively working on the Pennsylvania E-Citation interface. This interface will allow TraCS traffic citations to be transferred into In-Synch RMS. Please contact for more information.


Partner Spotlight

Taking Risk out of Mobile Connectivity Every second counts when lives are at stake. So does every conversation and mobile connection. For most of us, dropped calls and flaky data connections are inconveniences. For public safety officers, it can be a matter of life and death. Imagine a patrol car experiencing network roaming disruption while in pursuit of a dangerous suspect. Can this officer afford to wait for a reboot or reconnect? For field personnel, mobile connectivity to critical dispatch systems simply cannot be compromised. Public safety departments require a reliable, adaptable network connectivity solution that provides secure, persistent access to both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The challenge is dealing with a wide variety of mobile devices, congested networks, and a lack of standards in broadband connectivity. Bridging the mobile gap for public safety As FirstNet strives to create the first nationwide, interoperable broadband network for public safety professionals, Smith Micro is already providing law enforcement with secure, consistent wireless connectivity. One of our partnerships is with the 10th largest police agency in the nation, the District of Columbia Metro Police Department. Smith Micro is collaborating with DC Metro PD to ensure that officers in the field can maintain persistent access to all 3G and Wi-Fi connections from Windows laptops and ruggedized tablets in their vehicles. Of major importance is the ability to incorporate advanced authentication to comply with Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) access requirements. “[We] selected Smith Micro’s mobile VPN solution to enable our public safety partners to stay connected while in the field. We needed a reliable connection solution that allows access to data over a secure mobile broadband network,” said Jennifer Greene, Office of Unified Communications Director, District of Columbia. Lessons learned from cellular giants Smith Micro brings decades of experience deploying mobility management products to confidently serve public safety organizations. As the wireless connection management provider to mobile operators worldwide, we are the trusted name in secure broadband connectivity. From integration planning through device launch; from user training to back-end customer support; from out-of-the-box simple set up to complete customization and remote configuration, we’ve been solving mobility problems for carriers and their customers through 2G, 3G, and 4G transitions. Smith Micro is also leading and extending industry standards for broadband connectivity through the Open Mobile Alliance, the USB Implementers Forum, and other standards groups. Our past and present: shaping mobility Interoperability is vital for an efficient, reliable public safety network. So is trusted security, configurability, and simplicity for the non- technical end user. At Smith Micro, our expertise in device connectivity, smart roaming, emerging standards, and more, allows us to put our decades of broadband experience to work for public safety, helping take the risk out of mobile connectivity. To learn more, visit:


Upcoming Tradeshows

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Welcome to the In-Synch RMS Family

We would like to welcome the following agencies to the In-Synch RMS family:

  • Mountwood Park Police Department, WV

  • Smith Township Police Department, PA



Windows XP End-of-Life was 4/2014 Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life is scheduled for 7/2015 Microsoft will no longer offer any updates or support for these operating systems and often this leads to decreased performance as well as an increase in security vulnerabilities. The use of unsupported operating systems past the software manufacturers end of life often cause lack of compliance with security standards, such as CJIS. More information is available from Microsoft online at :

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