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ZADATS Announces the Availability of DS2 and partnership with In-Synch Systems

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ZADATS announces the release of DS2, a uniquely flexible, secure and scalable data sharing solution for the Law Enforcement community.

ZADATS has reimagined the next generation in law enforcement software to be your browser-based solution with limitless potential in linking together Law Enforcement agencies of all sizes and locations, regardless of the vendor, database provider or data type. ZADATS has developed a product that finally addressed local and state agency goals of large-scale data sharing. ZADATS is the first of its kind to offer data sharing with an all-inclusive Software as a Service pricing model deployed onsite at a host agency for optimal security. ZADATS will install, configure, maintain and support DS2 for an annual fee based on the size of your organization, as well as the number and size of your databases. All these innovations add up to one game-changing solution which is DS2 by ZADATS.

Demian Bigelow, CEO of ZADATS, stated "In Siskiyou County, California we are deploying DS2 allowing all county law enforcement agencies to participate in data sharing. Setting up a data sharing system for a whole county is a complex task. However, with the assistance of In-Synch Systems, a records management vendor for two of the participating agencies, we were able to integrate with zero difficulty. Their cooperation and support is unrivaled. We look forward to working with In-Synch again on other projects."

Kirk Farra, President of In-Synch Systems, stated "We recognize DS2 as a unique data-sharing solution for law enforcement and will be working closely with ZADATS to create additional data sharing consortiums throughout our national customer base."

Background on the flagship DS2 deployment in California:

CASCADE is a data sharing consortium created in 2014 by all of the law enforcement agencies of Siskiyou County. Installation and configuration is underway as of early 2015 and we expected it will be fully operational by the end of Q2. While adding features to DS2 with feedback from CASCADE, ZADATS plans to spend much of 2015 offering and expanding the system to other Northern California,Southern Oregon and Northern Nevada agencies.

Contact ZADATS directly at or 800-975-6595.

For more information about DS2 please visit our website at

Contact In-Synch Systems at or 800-243-6540.

For more information about In-Synch Systems products please visit our website at

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