Stop the Frustration with Your Records Management Software

Records management is necessary for the law enforcement industry. Sometimes choosing a records management software can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re considering making a switch to a new vendor.

At In-Synch Systems we deliver data-driven solutions, supporting law enforcement agencies to more effectively solve crimes. We excel in four key areas: data that’s always available, investigative tools, integrated data sharing, and customer service.

Data That’s Always Available

We realized early on that the synchronization architecture of the In-Synch RMS software had to be fully functional, with or without a network or internet connection. The In-Synch RMS enables you to access your records management system any time and any place.

This supports officers in the field, allowing them to add, edit, and view data regardless of their physical location. Once a network is available, they can connect to the server, brokering any changes to other RMS users.

This feature allows officers to spend less time at the station and more time in the field involved in proactive community policing.

Unique Investigative Tools

A program is only as good as its tools. The In-Synch RMS features powerful investigative tools, allowing the user to discover patterns and indirect relationships in information. In some cases, this helps to solve crime faster.

These tools include self-building master indexes which are created automatically as staff conducts daily activities. Going beyond the master index data, there is an interactive visual querying tool, allowing users to find connections in their data.

Integrated Data Sharing System

In law enforcement, its necessary to pull information from other resources or share information with partnering agencies. There is no need to print lengthy reports or email large documents with the In-Synch RMS.

The integrated data sharing feature allows law enforcement agencies to share summary master index information. Data-sharing is automatically updated as users enter data, eliminating any waiting period or necessity to upload to an expensive third-party system. With just a click, you can share information about persons, organizations, locations, and vehicle items.

Exemplary Customer Service

We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service. If issues arise, we are here to help you with a solution, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our customers consistently complement our U.S. based help desk.

Choosing an effective records management software for your law enforcement agency is a big decision. Here at In-Synch Systems, when we say we’re always working for you, we mean it.

When consolidation has been the trend in records management, we’ve remained owned and operated by one of our founding members. We serve more than 250 public safety and private security agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Our formula for success remains the same: an architecture supporting disaster recovery, powerful investigative tools, built-in data-sharing, and outstanding customer service.

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