September 2018 Tips - Adding Municipalities

Adding Municipalities The municipality pick list can be found in the Call Log, Case Builder, Criminal Citation, and Traffic Citation modules of In-Synch RMS. Any personnel with administrative rights can edit/configure this pick list to their agency's standards. This list can be configured by selecting the blue hyperlink "Municipality" in the previously mentioned modules or by selecting the ellipsis button (...) on the "Location/Staff" tab of the Agency Management module. For this example, we will open the pick list configuration window from within the Call Log. 1. Select the Call Log module from the main RMS toolbar. 2. Open (or create) a call-for-service. 3. From the Call Log details

August 2018 Tips - Driver's License Search

Driver's License Search This month's tips will cover performing a driver's license search through the Query module of In-Synch RMS. 1. Select the "Query" module from the main RMS toolbar. 2. Select the "Add" button from the main Query window. 3. Under the "Select a group of criteria to search for" window, highlight the "Drivers License" group (A) and then select the "OK" button (B). 4. Select your "Attribute" (A), enter your "search criteria" (B), and then select the "OK" button (C). (In this example, we will search based on a "driver's license number" "starting with" the characters "RK".) Did You Know? There are various attributes and search criteria modifiers that include: Attributes

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